Hey, I'm Steffi. A 25 year old living in Brooklyn NY with my husband, 2 cats and our dog.
We just recently relocated from San Diego, CA and before that, I lived in Germany with my family. So you will find many connections to California and Germany as well.

This blog is about my real life. I am working full time and this is just a side project. To be honest, I kept starting a blog and then stopped again several times, because I felt like I started doing things just so I can blog about them instead of enjoying my life and being happy with it the way that it is. I want this blog to be no-pressure. Just real! I don't have time to whip up some great dishes every week or to collect the perfect gift guides, but I want to share moments from my "ordinary" life and encourage others to just enjoy the life that they live, instead of looking at lives of "full time bloggers" and trying to be like them.

I believe in Datenights with my husband and traveling a lot. I love starting new traditions and keeping old ones. On this blog, you will find travel tips, recipes, DIY ideas and lots more - Whatever is going on in my life that make it a good one!!

So please take a look around my blog and check back often.

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