Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DAY TRIPPING - Imperial Valley Desert Explorations

My husband is from a small town in the Imperial County, about 2 hours east of San Diego. Since the first time I visited there in the summer of 2011 (bad choice btw - never go there in the summer unless you want to literally melt), I started to really like the place. The desert is so different from where I grew up (green mountains all around me) and there's actually quiet a few things to check out around there.

On our most recent trip last weekend, we went to the California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta and before heading back to San Diego, we decided to drive a little bit further east and check out the tiny town of Felicity, also known as the Center of the World.

I don't quiet remember how I found out about Felicity (probably Pinterest or something), but seeing pictures of part of the original stair case from the Eiffel Tower and the pure fact that there IS an officially center of the world, made it worth being checked out. And since we were kind of close by, why not!?

Felicity is close to the border to Arizona, about 30 min west of Yuma. To read more about the town and why in the world is even exists and became the Center Of The World, check out the website .

On our way to Felicity, we passed by giant Sand Dunes. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them, so I forced Manny to stop on our way back west and climb up those Dunes. (Which are apparently nothing impressive to a Desert boy). People rode quads on them!! Soo cool.

Anyhow, enjoy some pictures from our little Desert trip and 2 other Roadside Attractions in the Imperial Valley that we had visited a while ago.

California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta, Imperial, CA

Felicity, CA - The Center of the World

Sand Dunes

On our 2nd trip that we took to the Imperial Valley together (I think some time in '12) we spotted a little tower on our way there and decided to stop by. Turned out its called the Desert View Tower. Find more info here. It's a cool spot to overlook the valley and has also some fun little gimmicks.

Desert View Tower

And then there is this spot called Salvation Mountain near Niland, CA. I first saw it in the movie Into The Wild and when I found out it was in California and actually less than 1hour away from where Manny grew up, I knew we had to go there! It's a totally random spot in the middle of the desert that is so worth checking out. Read more about it on the official website.

Salvation Mountain

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