Thursday, May 22, 2014


Last sunday we went for a hike. Again. (Thats 2 hikes in 2 weekends!! So unlike us. ). This time we decided to go check out the Potato Chip Rock at the summit of Mt Woodson in San Diego's Poway neighborhood. The trail is about 7 miles roundtrip and starts off at Lake Poway. It is quiet tough (we had to take plenty of breaks) and definitely no fun on a hot day. We started at 7am and the whole trips (incl taking tons of pics of the Rock) took us about 5 hours.

The view along the hikes are beautiful. The hike itself stretches quiet a bit. I can't even remember how often we thought we almost made it, but then there was still another mile to go.
Make sure to bring tons of water and comfy shoes. Also, getting onto the actual Potato Chip Rock was harder than I expected. You have to jump over from another rock and if you are not a fan of heights, it can be very scary.

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