Thursday, August 21, 2014

CHEESEBURGER DIARIES - Shake Shack, Madison Square Park, NYC

I had really high hopes for the Shake Shack. I thought this was it, my favorite burger in New York. Unfortunately, it didn't quiet make the cut. 
But lets start at the beginning. 

We went to the Madison Square Park location and its soo cute. A little hut in the park with outdoor seating and string lights. The ambiance was awesome. We got there just before noon and it wasn't very crowded yet. A few minutes later, a line had started to form, so if you go, make sure you don't get there right at lunch time. 
We both ordered the shack burger and I was really surprised by the price. I expected the burgers to be more expensive, but it's very reasonable. They also offer double-patty burgers and many other varieties along with hot dogs, shakes, drinks and treats. 

Now to the burgers. The Shackburger comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato and "shacksauce". Overall the burger tasted fresh and was cooked well. The patties themselves were oversalted and I found the sauce to be too garlicy (is that even a word?). After a while, all I could taste was garlic. So that was definitely not good and I honestly don't think I'll have another Shackburger. Maybe I'll try something else if I ever go again. The fries and drinks (we had 50/50 - Arnold Palmers) were pretty good though! 

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