Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DAYTRIPPING - Exploring the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene

I've heard so much about Brooklyn Flea - the traveling flea market in Brooklyn - and last saturday we finally decided to check it out ourselves. According to the website, there were 150 goods & food vendors. It sounded like a lot, but actually wasn't that much after all. I think after being used to the San Diego Kobeys Swap Meet, which supposedly is the third largest swap meet on the West Coast with thousands of vendors every weekend, I just expected a larger event.
However, if we look at quality over quantity, Brooklyn Flea did really good! The vendors included antique handlers, vintage clothing shops, furniture stores and many great food options!

My favorite was the Vanilla Ice Cream from Blue Marble. (The chocolate flavor was good to, but the Vanilla was just amazing!!).

 Manny had some awesome tuna tacos.

 And I enjoyed a chicken tamale and chicken-cheese pupusa.


For my outfit, I chose a comfy look. Afterall, we were walking around all day. 
Shirt from H&M
Skinny jeans from Old Navy
Shoes from ASOS
Bag and Bracelet from H&M
Necklace was a gift

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