Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I always love spending the beginning of the year planning vacations, day trips and date days for the year.
I already have a pretty decent list for this year that I'm looking forward to checking off.

Here's my top NYC date day & day trip plans for 2017.


New York City Transit Museum

Ever since I saw photos of the Transit Museum, I've been wanting to go there. Exploring a bunch of old subway cars (that look like they were taken right out of the 70s) is definitely my kind of Museum experience.

1 - @jacquietran | 2 - @jleblanc454 | 3- @hoyanlay | 4 - @bossbug71 


Wave Hill Gardens in the Bronx

This place just looks magical. Beautiful views and a gorgeous botanical garden. I can't wait to see it in person.

1 - @_remyshay_ | 2 - @wavehill | 3 - @pepperknit | 4 - @sophialeuner 

Central Park Zoo

I love zoos and this is the last one on my list in NYC.

1 - @alexespagobizc | 2 - @monicaksmith | 3 - jchyip


Coney Island

Boardwalk, Hot Dogs, Roller Coasters & Freak Show. What more could you ask for?
Though Ive been to Coney Island quiet a few times, I've never been on any of the rides there. Riding the Cyclone is on the top of my Summer 2017 to-do list!

1- @fordampconey | 2 - @lapatite | 3 - @thephotofaerie | 4 - @dynusboss 

City Island

I read a few things here and there about city island - a small island in the Bronx. Because of its affordable housing, the community has grown in the last few years, yet it has maintained its small town charm. Seems like a great city-gateway to me.

1- @selenozzz | 2 - @buckybuchholtz | 3 - @fromthebronx


Lake Minnewaska State Park

I definitely want to squeeze in a couple of Upstate New York trips into 2017 as well. Lake Minnewaska State Park has caught my eye a while ago ... and keeps calling my name everything I see a photo. Its just so beautiful out there.

1 - @srodriquez92 | 2 - @heididopita 

Roosevelt Island

Another Island! An aerial tram will bring you from Manhattan (or Queens) to Roosevelt Island, and along the ride, offers some great views of the city. On the island itself, theres lots to discover as well, like the Franklin Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park.

1 - @_kimtaisuk | 2 - @kcy103 | 3 - @justj_ok | 3 - @ameblack

What are some of the things you're looking forward to this year?

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