Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ich Bin Ein Berliner - Pictures from a trip to the German Capital

Berlin Fashion Week is in full swing and I thought its a good enough reason to share a little bit from our trip to Berlin last year. We went to Germany mid March to early April, and it was freezing!! Actually, far below freezing. It turned out that Germany had it's coldest and longest winter in 50 or so years. Obviously a good time to take a boy from the desert over there (Manny had never really seen snow falling from the sky before).
We only had 2 days in Berlin, so even -10 degree weather didn't stop us from sightseeing and enjoying our trip.

We looked at old buildings, ate Doner at a small Imbiss and made our own chocolate at the Ritter Sport Flagship Store. I definitely need to go over there again sometime ... maybe in the summer though . . .

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