Thursday, January 23, 2014

Places + Spaces: The most perfect road trip

I don't think anything that I've ever seen on Social Media has ever inspired me as much as this Roadtrip up the Californian Coast did (and still does). Orange VW camper bus. Pacific coast sunsets.  Best Friends. Honestly, after seeing these pictures, I started looking up VW Bus rentals and already have a roadtrip setup in my head! How could I not??

(Unfortunately, at the end of the trip, their VW Bus broke down and had to be retired. You can read more about the trip on Steffys Pros and Cons)

All pictures are by @steffyspandcs, @mdegreff and @sincerelysarz

A few of the stops along the way
1| Donutfriend in LA
2| Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterrey
3| In N Out (how else would you end a Californian Roadtrip?)
all photos by @steffyspandcs

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