Thursday, January 2, 2014

Places + Spaces - Redlands,CA according to @BONNIETSANG

I don't know about you, but I constantly fall in love with coffee shops, vintage stores, hotel views and hiking trails that I've never been to - Thanks to my Instagram feed!! I like them, screenshot them, to-do list them ... and hopefully one day visit them and get the chance to post a fall-in-love worthy insta-shot as well.
Ok, yes, I spend maybe just a bit too much time on Instagram and I might just have a weird love affair with pictures of coffee mugs, but lets see beyond the creepy stalker in me. Those little pictures inspire me to discover new places and not just go to the Starbucks on the corner all the time, or spend every weekend home on the couch. Instead, it makes me want to go outside and check out new places (especially ones with pretty packaging, window displays, and vintage signs).
Anyhow, long story short - I decided to collect my favorite insta-places and share them and hopefully inspire you to explore your hometown and make a beyond-the-touristy-sights to-do list for your next trip.

So, here it goes: Places and Spaces Week 1 feat.

I don't remember how I found Bonnie Tsang on Instagram, but I looove her feed. She is a photographer based out of LA and always has the best Insta-Places. It really makes me want to go to LA more often.
For New Years, she went to Palm Springs and visited the nearby town of Redlands. She posted a few places that I really want to check out if I'm ever over there.

See for yourself.

|1| A La Minute Made To Order Ice Cream Shop, Redlands @ALaMinute |2| Parliament Chocolate Creators of Small Batch Chocolate, Redlands @ParliamentChocolate |3| Redlands Galleria Antique Store

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