Monday, January 13, 2014

Whale Watching

One of my Christmas presents this year from Manny was tickets for a Whale Watching Tour (that's what happens when you tell your husband you don't want material things, but rather go places). We had a great time though!

Every winter, whales head down from Alaska to Baja California in Mexico to give birth to their young.
They pass San Diego and can be spotted all the way along the coast.

It was a beautiful day out, clear blue sky, sunshine (what else would you expect from San Diego in the middle of January). But, as soon as we left the coast, there was sooo much fog. The trip was supposed to last 3 hours, but after 2.5 we still hadn't seen any Whales due to the horrible viewing conditions. But eventually our Captain heard from a different boat that they had seen some whales and we eventually hit a clear spot and got to see a Whale Couple on their trip down to Mexico. It was awesome seeing such large animals. Its very impressive. I took a couple of photos, but they, by no means, do the spectacle any justice. The whales headed straight into the fog, which hindered our viewing again, but we were able to spot them every once in a while and they got really close to the boat at one point. In the end, it was actually good that there was no reason to take any more photos once we got into the deep fog, because I was just focusing on enjoying the experience.

Because we went further out than usual, we didn't get back until after 5pm (which turned the whole trip into over 4 hours). It was soo cold on the boat and my hair got all crazy and frizzy (I guess that's what riding through the fog for 2 hours does). But overall it was a great trip and I loved the fact that the crew was really trying to give us all a good experience instead of just turning around. It's tough, 'cause there's nothing you can do about weather, but they all stayed positive throughout the trip.

My handsome.

Whale spotting

Crazy fog

Whale tail!

So called Whale Footprints. 

Other boats in the fog

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